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Karrimor Calorie Life Coach Watch
The Karrimor Calorie Life Coach Watch tracks your calories burnt for each workout, each hour, or by day, even when you are asleep. 

By managing your calorific intake and tracking your output, you can manage any weight control programme. The watch allows you to set goals for each period for calories burnt, steps taken and distance covered. It then presents your results in graph format. 

The Life Coach watch uses a built-in sensor that knows when you are moving, along with a built-in heart rate monitor to calculate your data. 

> Calorie watch 
> Wearable Technology 
> Advanced 24-Hour calorie burn 
> Step counter 
> Distance travelled 
> Heart rate without a chest belt 
> Finger Touch HR technology 
> Built-in accelerometer 
> 7-Day workout memory 
> Auto resets at midnight 
> 30M water resistant 
> Stopwatch 
> Reversible band 
> Karrimor Branding

Karrimor Calorie Life Coach Watch

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